We will be using a clever, yet really simple to use self-weighing system that allows you to bring along any clean container, jar or bag to fill with as little, or as much of our loose products as you like.

If you forget to bring one, we’ll have a basket of clean recycled jamjars available for free as well as our range of attractive containers to buy. We’ll also have food-grade paper bags.

Tare your container so we know how much they weigh (the scales prints out a label for you to stick on), fill them with whatever you want from our range of tasty food, scan the tare label to take off the weight of the container, weigh it again and you just pay for what you’ve bought and not for the packaging.

Weigh, Fill, Scan and Re-Weigh then Pay. Image by Beki Melrose, The Exchange Creative Community

Zero Green in Bristol have the same system and here they explain how to use it.